Tickets Lambert, Support: Sebastian Plano, live im Funkhaus in Berlin
Funkhaus, FluxFM & Ask Helmut präsentieren:

Tickets for Lambert, Support: Sebastian Plano live im Funkhaus Funkhaus Berlin on 22.11.17

Tickets for Lambert, Support: Sebastian Plano Berlin


Funkhaus, FluxFM & Ask Helmut present:

Lambert & Sebastian Plano

Since the year 2000, we live in the Postapokalypse. An apocalypse that never happened. No global system crash, no extraterrestrials, no gigantic meteorites, no extinction of our sun. Not even the old favorite pants are finally worn. Of course that's not the end of the world has disappeared - quite the opposite: 

The fear of people in front of other people.

Of course, Mother Nature never knows what she's up to right now. Not to mention the cosmic radiation in the background.

Of course, approaching the big issues as a pianist is always a bit difficult. The soul knows no difference between the attack of a tiger, a bad letter from the bank or a stupid look of the neighbor. If the person feels threatened then he gets to deal with the fear. And what scares people today becomes - at least in our latitudes and longitudes - more abstract and leads to an increasingly diffused fear of life. 

On "Sweet Apocalypse" Lambert deals with these fears in a very personal way, from which, as is well known, many of the past haunt far beyond today, in 12 compositions. 

Sometimes he gives comfort, sometimes he gently strokes the cat called melancholy, sometimes he grows larger than life. 

On his third album - London-based label Mercury KX - masked pianist Lambert proves once again that he can play life's complete emotional keyboard with tremendous ease. 

His flair for small, great melodies is a silent extraordinary. 

With this exceptional talent, the song never gets out of fine melodies. And you do not trust this horny, beefy appearance at all.  Sure, that's Mainly Because of his Sardinian carnival mask, Which makes him look like the beast from the world famous French folk tale. But you should not judge a book by its cover. 

Time and again, fans and media are curious and wanting to see each other note,  To finally end the fear of the tender beast in us, living under the hard asphalt and concrete crust in a dark cave, finally lay down and love it as it is.

The Berlin artist Moki has created associative, surreal imagery between Pierre Pairlaut ("The Wild Planet"), Maurice Sendak ("Where the Wild Things Are") and dystopian insurance wall calendars of the 1980s, in which one is visually aware of the uncanny may make. Moki was involved early in the creation process of the album. She heard the first sketches of the songs and started painting. 

Lambert looked in the studio over and added small sound details to his recordings - inspired by their image transformations - a chorus voice here, an echo effect there. Or he immediately composed a complete brass section.

So "Sweet Apocalypse" ends up as a wonderful work of art, with which we will wait a long time for what we have in the deepest interior probably all have to fear. So long can we, when the last piece is played to the end, just start all over again. Yes, tomorrow is another day. That was quiet the case yesterday.

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