Tickets Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy, live im Funkhaus in Berlin
Funkhaus, Radioeins & Ask Helmut präsentieren: The Diamond Roadshow with

Tickets for Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy live im Funkhaus Funkhaus Berlin on 24.06.17

Tickets for Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy Berlin


The Diamond Road Show 

w/ Digger Barnes(Music) & Pencil Qunicy(Visuals)

and full band

An abandoned theme park, by the side of the road two old dinosaurs made of fiberglass. A car passes, followed by a cloud of dust. At the wheel a mustached man, on the backseat a guitar case.

Over the past 10 years, singer-songwriter Digger Barnes has been documenting his life on the road and capturing it on record. Tales of longing, melancholy and morbid charm are his trademark and the material of the “Diamond Road Show“. The “Diamond Road Show“ is a  peculiar type of road movie - a bastard bearing the DNA of cinema and concert alike. Digger Barnes developed this show-format alongside his friend, painter and video-artist Pencil Quincy. 

In previous years many miles were traveled to bring the "Diamond Road Show" to people at home and abroad. Yet here too, the outsider breaks with the norm: Instead of bringing the film show solely to clubs or cinemas, the tour, not unlike the road itself treads unfamiliar territory. Barnes takes his road trip to cemeteries, chapels, old gas stations, boxcars, squats and doesn't even shy away from psychiatric institutions, high-brow theaters or airplane hangars. Being constantly on the road, Digger Barnes' life and the fictional episodes of the "Diamond Road Show" merge and become inseparable.

For the Berlin and Leipzig shows Barnes will exlusively escape from his loner life and therefore present the songs with a full band.