Tickets Giegling x Berlin gegen die Schwerkraft,  in Berlin
Funkhaus presents:

Tickets for Giegling x Berlin gegen die Schwerkraft Funkhaus Berlin on 05.10.19

Tickets for Giegling x Berlin gegen die Schwerkraft Berlin


giegling x berlin
gegen die schwerkraft
party & exhibition
sat 05 oktober 12:00 - open end


aleksi perälä live
sebastian peter live
ateq live
bifiboy live
birds & tapes live
dwig live
dj dustin
edward live
lawrence live
leafar legov live
map.ache live
molly live
paquita gordon
sa pa
timnah sommerfeldt
plus very special guests

more tba

Our 10 year anniversary tour is finally coming to an end.
On this long journey we learnt a lot and we are ready to transform.

We want to thank all the people who came and made all of these weeks so special.
This is an invitation to look back with us at 10 years of transforming and creating together.

the doors will open at lunch and we prepared a big exhibition that hopefully captures all our silly ideas and fantasies and will invite you to dream and play with us. There will be concerts and performances. Aleksi Perälä prepared a special piece for the extra terrestrial monom sound system and will be supported by our long time friend and master chef Sebastian Peter.

one of Giegling main inspirations, Lawrence is showing us his secret ways and the exceptional Paquita Gordon will pilot us through an intergalactic trip.
hopefully this will turn into a massive rave so please come prepared and take care of each other!

see you on the other side