Tickets Nosaj Thing, live at Funkhaus, Support: Hector Plimmer in Berlin
Funkhaus presents:

Tickets for Nosaj Thing live at Funkhaus, Support: Hector Plimmer Saal 1 | Funkhaus Berlin Berlin on 19.10.19

Tickets for Nosaj Thing Berlin


Funkhaus Session:

Nosaj Thing

Support: Hector Plimmer

Emotion vs. technology.

Soul vs. machines.

Beauty vs. dissonance.

Dystopia or paradise?

Love or regret?

Nostalgia vs. right now.


These are among the various binary flavors that Jason Chung explores on Parallels, the fourth full album released under Chung’s distinctive moniker, Nosaj Thing. Master-fully dimensional, Parallels represents the acclaimed Los Angeles-based electronic producer/composer/performer’s most diverse, vital work yet. As such, Chung sees Parallels represents a kind of redemptive rebirth. The album’s compellingly elusive, uncategorizable sonics developed out of what he terms a personal & musical “identity crisis.”

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