Tickets Ambiq + Ricardo Villalobos Support: Martyn Heyne, live im Funkhaus in Berlin
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Tickets for Ambiq + Ricardo Villalobos Support: Martyn Heyne live im Funkhaus Funkhaus Berlin on 18.05.17

Tickets for Ambiq + Ricardo Villalobos Support: Martyn Heyne Berlin


Ambiq live im Funkhaus 


Ricardo Villalobos - Max Loderbauer - Claudio Puntin - Samuel Rohrer

Support: Martyn Heyne


On May 18, the genre-bending AMBIQ trio (Max Loderbauer, Samuel Rohrer, Claudio Puntin) and

the legendary techno DJ / producer Ricardo Villalobos will join forces at the Funkhaus in Berlin for

an hour and a half of improvisational explorations. As already previewed via the Villod duo with

Villalobos and Loderbauer, and the “ambiq Remixed” EP on arjunamusic (which featured a side

from Villalobos), this live pairing promises to be a synthesis of deep, cycling grooves with the

conversational and fluid ‘chamber music’ dynamics that AMBIQ have already mastered over the

space of their first two LPs. This live exhibition is notable not just because of the decades of

international, collaborative experience that each performer has in his field. More importantly, it’s

exemplary of the encouraging new fusions in a world where more and more performers and

listeners are looking beyond the needless polarizations of musical cliques (e.g. “analog” vs.

“digital,” or “active” dance music vs. “passive” immersive ambience), and simply seeking out

optimal levels of expression and resonance. For listeners who value the sensation of hearing

something qualitatively new unfold before them, it’s an event not to be missed.