Tickets Perotá Chingó, Funkhaus Session  in Berlin
Funkhaus,Cosmo, Ask Helmut präsentieren:

Tickets for Perotá Chingó Funkhaus Session Funkhaus Berlin on 07.09.18

Tickets for Perotá Chingó Berlin

Price CategoryPriceQuantity 
Perotá Chingó27,40 € 


Perotá Chingó is the “next big thing” of music in Latin America. It’s that simple. Since in2011, Dolores Aguirre and Julia Ortiz created the project in Buenos Aires, the numberof followers hasn’t stopped growing. Less than two years later they have already per-formed on such emblematic stages as the Teatro Rex in their hometown or the Thea-tre of the University of Chile, filling venues to capacity in cities as La Plata, Córdoba,Montevideo, Valparaíso, Sao Paolo, Porto Alegre and Curitiba. With 150.000 likes ontheir Facebook page, it is clear that Perotá Chingó have become a phenomenon inLatin America, their popularity is growing and now they cross the Atlantic to meet newaudiences and new influences.

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